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Mountain Desert Malas



Locally Made by Aminta Wright of Mountain Desert Malas Based in Louisville Colorado.

Conventional Buddhist tradition counts the beads at 108, signifying the mortal desires of mankind. The number is attributed to the Mokugenji (soapberry seed) Sutra wherein Shakyamuni Buddha instructed King Virudhaka to make such beads and recite the Three Jewels of Buddhism. In later years, various Buddhist sects would either retain the number of beads, or divide them into consecutive twos, fours, for brevity or informality. A decorative tassel is sometimes attached to the beads, flanked by talismans or amulets depending on one's local tradition. 


1. Lava, Red Jasper, Lace Agate, Kamagong Seed Guru

2. Ebony, African Jasper, White Magnesite Skull, Ebony Guru

3. Sandalwood, Matte Onyx, White Magnesite Skull, Botswana Agate Guru


4. Matte Black Druzy, Red Jasper, Magnesite Skull, Eagle's Eye Guru

5. Lava, Sodalite, B&W Agate, Eagles Eye Guru