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Scotchman Jacket

$249.00 $174.30

Roark has again made something Rugged and Right.  Waxed Cotton Jacket with all the right ingredients.  Full Metal Zippers, Waist Drawstring (for those pesky drafts), Deep Chest Pockets,  and a Wearable Length so your Belt Loops don't get wet.

The Scotchman Jacket is one of those pieces that when I opened the box I knew that these pieces of art wouldn't last very long. 

And it turns out I will be right.  

There are less than 150 of these jackets made.

Waxed Cotton from Halley Stevenson of Dundee, UK

"Halley Stevensons are the world's leading waxed cotton fabric innovators, manufacturers and suppliers of specialist weatherproofed canvas.

We create outdoor fashion apparel fabric and quality luggage canvas at our Baltic Works plant in Dundee, Scotland, UK.

Established in 1864."