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Nanga Japan

Eco Hybrid Box Logo Hoodie


A classic sweatshirt hoodie printed with the Nanga BOX logo. A design that can be used as an inner layer of down wear or as a single piece. You can wear it in any scene without choosing a style.

The fabric is made of recycled cotton "Ferre Yarn" and has a smooth texture. In addition, the polyester blend adds strength and flexibility to the fabric. The inside is fleece lined, so it can be worn all year round compared to the fleece lining.

A zippered pocket along the seam is placed on the side for a neat impression. In addition, the sleeves are designed with raglan sleeves that are roomy around the shoulders and arms.

The eco-hybrid series is a daily wear that makes you want to wear it outdoors, in the city, or at home. In addition to being sustainable, we are also exploring comfort and texture. The fleece lining, sleeves, and collar of the sweat fabric are ribbed to gently wrap the body.

Ferre Yarn: Recycled cotton that has acquired GRS certification that meets international recycling standards. Recycled cotton is color-coded and recycled into thread using our unique technology. It is possible to significantly reduce energy consumption in the yarn spinning process. Materials that are friendly to the environment. *When spinning, other colors and fibers may be mixed, but it is a characteristic of recycled fibers, so please understand in advance.