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Ranger Station

High Horse Quickdraw Fragrance 10ml


Smells like: citrus / patchouli / cedarwood / musk

NEW: Introducing Quickdraw Perfume from Ranger Station. Equipped with a spray top for improved speed + coverage, Quickdraw Perfume is the perfect sidekick for any adventure, from a quick spritz in the car to a weekend getaway. Don't leave home without it - you never know when you'll want a quickie! 

Boasting one of the freshest scent profiles in the Ranger Station collection, High Horse is ready to carry you up to your next mountaintop. Notes of citrus and patchouli will keep you calm, cool and collected as you ride, while a base of cedarwood and musk hold steady like the ground beneath you - grab your spurs and hop in the saddle, because it’s all up from here.

  • Paraben-free
  • Available in 10ml Quickdraw Perfume, 50ml and 100ml
  • Hand-mixed to order using the highest quality fragrance and essential oils