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Ranger Station

Jordan's Perfume 10ml Quickdraw Spray


Smells like: sandalwood / ambergris / cedarwood / rose / jasmine

NEW: Introducing Quickdraw Perfume from Ranger Station. Equipped with a spray top for improved speed + coverage, Quickdraw Perfume is the perfect sidekick for any adventure, from a quick spritz in the car to a weekend getaway. Don't leave home without it - you never know when you'll want a quickie! 

London - October 2022

My wife and partner in Ranger Station (Jordan) and I were passing through London on our way to Scotland and Jordan commented on a fragrance she noticed while we were walking to dinner one night. Jordan is not someone who normally voices her love for a fragrance, so I took note.

Fast forward to her birthday in March of '23. I wanted to make her a perfume. I went on a mission to find the main raw material in what she noticed. Finally I found it. I then proceeded to build a fragrance around that material that I felt embodied Jordan. Strong & Subtle. Confident but not overpowering.

After countless compliments on both Jordan and myself wearing this unisex fragrance, we decided to make it available to everyone. Cheers.
— Steve

  • Label design in Steve Soderholm's handwriting
  • Paraben-free
  • Available in 10ml Quickdraw Perfume + 50ml 
  • Hand-mixed to order using the highest quality fragrance and essential oils