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Nanga Japan

Onion Quilt Down Muffler


Onion Quilt Down Muffler

10 denier fine recycled nylon is used for the outer material. Ultra-lightweight material using Ron is adopted and enclosed Dow Sustainability-conscious recycled dow eco-friendly down muffler using • Military-like with onion quilt stitching impression • Since the length is set long, it can be worn with curls and wool. You can use it like wrapping a muffler. • By using 10d nylon for both the outer and lining to obtain light weight and softness, and to keep the neck warm It is useful in winter because it does not escape firmly. • Small and packable so you can carry it in your bag.
*Because of the ultra-thin outer material, the light-colored down is enclosed. In some cases, the feathers may be seen through, but this is not a quality issue. there is no. (A care tag is attached