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Pocket Tee by Manastash



T-shirt with original blend of 70% cotton and 30% hemp

: Hemp blend material, pack T-shirt but pocket T-shirt One thing is that it is a 2-piece set of white and black, which is full of happy elements.
・The Pack T is made of hemp blend material, and it is an item that truly reflects the brand's stance. It is a basic pocket t-shirt, so it goes without saying that it can

be worn with bottoms.
You don't have to choose the length, material, or thickness.
Not only can it be used as an inner layer for a jacket, but it also has pockets, so you can wear it alone for a flattering look.

<MANASTASH> was established in Seattle, USA in 1993.
The Manastash Mountain Plateau, which descends from the Cascade Mountains that run north-south along the west coast of North America, where the brand name originates, is famous for its ability to enjoy a variety of outdoor sports such as skiing, trekking, mountain biking, rafting, and kayaking. Since its founding, the lifestyle brand has been based on the philosophy of creating the best items using environmentally friendly materials such as hemp and recycled fleece, and the design is based on good old American products.The lifestyle brand has crossed over between fashion and culture. We propose a new style.