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Nanga Japan

Air Cloth Mesh Jet Cap by Nanga


One Size

A JET cap that uses dot air, a lightweight, high-tech fabric that combines breathability and sweat absorption and quick drying. Mesh panels are used on the sides to further enhance ventilation. You can wear it comfortably without getting stuffy even in the sweaty season. Especially useful in sports scenes and outdoor scenes. Even if it gets wet with sweat or water, it dries quickly.

The shape is a 5-panel jet cap. It features a well-balanced depth and brim length. Nanga logo is printed on the side. In addition, materials with antibacterial and deodorizing effects are used on the inner part that touches the skin.

For size adjustment, the rubber spindle and adjuster make it easy to adjust the size and provide a high fit. Holds firmly even in strong winds.

This cap is especially recommended for the coming season when the temperature is rising.