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Citizen Messenger Bag


Duck Camo/ Orange
Night Black
Amber Tritone
Rainbow Reflective
Original. Iconic. Our medium-sized messenger bag with quick-release seatbelt buckle. Street-tested by professional messengers since 1995. Guaranteed for Life. After building our first run of bags in the mid-90’s, we got tired of pulling heavy bags over our heads and decided to find a better way. We visited a local auto scrapyard, started cutting seatbelts out of old cars and an icon was born. Tough enough to stay buckled in any kind of situation but easy to release when you need to get out of your gear – Chrome’s signature messenger sling closure.

-Floating bucket liner with separate wet/dry
-Quick-release buckle with bottle opener
-Reflective compression straps to secure cargo
-Ergonomic shoulder strap with stabilizing strap
-Weatherproof tarp liner with durable nylon shell
-Street-tested by professional messengers since 1995
-22” w, 13” h, 7” d
-24L | 2.8Lbs