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Nanga Japan

Eco Hybrid Camping Manners Print Sweatshirt


Eco Hybrid Camping Manners Swatshirt

GRS certified to meet international recycling standards Recycled Cotton, Ferre Yarn (Formerly Recover Yarn)* • Basic (standard) logo that can be used daily long sleeve t-shirt • Print graphics advocating manners at campsites. linted series • Soft stretch tape on the back neck. By doing so, the seam allowance is hidden, the interference with the neck is improve the earth • Small NANGA woven label on left hem *What is Ferre Yarn (formerly Recover Yarn)? Recycled cotton is sorted by color and recycled into yarn with unique technology doing. No water is used in the process of spinning the yarn. can significantly reduce energy consumption. to the environment It is a material that considers the load of