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Nanga Japan

Eco Hybrid Dove Guitar Tee by Nanga Japan



Dove Guitar Logo Tee by Nanga Japan

Peaceful illustrations printed on the front and back

A T-shirt printed with a "peace" motif. Printed on the front is a deformed character of a pigeon and a guitar, which has the meaning of traveling, music, and continuing a peaceful time. In the background, an olive tree with the flower language of peace is expressed in abstract line art.

The fabric is made of recycled cotton "Ferre Yarn" and has a smooth texture. The medium-ounce fabric has a unique and tasteful look. In addition, the polyester blend adds strength and flexibility to the fabric. The wrinkle-resistant material allows you to wear it in your daily life without hesitation.

Stretch tape is used on the back of the neck so that the seam allowance does not interfere with the neck. It feels good on the skin and is comfortable to wear.

Ferre Yarn

Recycled cotton with GRS certification meets international standards for recycling. Recycled cotton is color-coded and recycled into thread using our unique technology. It is possible to significantly reduce energy consumption in the yarn-spinning process. Materials that are friendly to the environment.

*When spinning, other colors and fibers may be mixed, but it is a characteristic of recycled fibers, so please understand in advance.