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Nanga Japan

Nanga Logo Canvas Tote



A 2-way shoulder bag featuring toughness and storage capacity using 16 oz canvas fabric. Accented with the Nanga logo, the design is simple and easy to use on a daily basis. In addition, the bottom is firmly gusseted, so it has excellent storage capacity. You can use it not only for going out on holidays, but also for commuting to work or school.

If you use the 2-way type as a shoulder bag, you can easily carry it even with heavy luggage. The size of the shoulder part can be adjusted, so it can be used regardless of gender.

By attaching a dot button to the opening, it is difficult for the contents to come out. You can use it with confidence even if you hold it in your hand or hang it diagonally.

It also has the toughness of using 16 oz canvas fabric, so please use it hard and enjoy your own taste.