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Nanga Japan

Nylon Tusser Easy Shorts by Nanga



Easy shorts using nylon tussah fabric with elasticity. Nanga's first shorts that can be used at the waterside.

The textured nylon tussah on the surface reduces the surface that touches the skin, making it the perfect material for midsummer. In addition, the dry touch texture gives you a refreshing feeling. If you wear an inner layer inside, it can also be worn as swimwear. Shorts for amphibious use.

Because it has been treated to be water repellent, it is useful for activities and leisure activities near water such as the sea and rivers. You can use it without hesitation at the waterside . It also has excellent quick-drying properties and dries quickly.

A convenient piece that can be worn not only in the city but also as swim shorts. It is also recommended to wear it with a shirt made of the same material.

Easy pants for stress-free comfort. A spindle is also provided to make it easy to loosen the string.

The front has a slash pocket that makes it easy to put in and take out your hands. In addition, by making the inside mesh, it not only prevents stuffiness, but also has the effect of draining water when worn as swimwear.