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Nanga Japan

Hinoc Ripstop Down Ear Flap Cap by Nanga Japan


Soft Blue

Earflap cap made of flame-retardant ripstop fabric with reduced hardness.
 HINOC RIPSTOP DOWN EAR FLAP CAP, which uses Re:CYCLE DOWN (650FP) down and has a design and practicality that can protect against the cold with a sense of volume.

In addition, the feature is that you can cover your ears and face by lowering the flap.

It can be used as a cold protection item for outdoor activities and leisure activities, and can be used for a wide range of purposes by raising the flap for everyday use.

Available in 3 colors: BLK (black) with a classic and chic impression, BEG (beige) with a simple and natural impression,  and S.BLU (slate blue) with a bright and soft impression.

The HINOC RIPSTOP DOWN EAR FLAP CAP, which combines autumn/winter trends and practicality, has just the right amount of volume and comes in 4 colors, one size fits all, making it easy to use for both men and women.

HINOC Ripstop...

A new flame-retardant material from Nanga. The "aramid" fiber compounded in the Hinoc material is not only flame-retardant, but also excellent in abrasion resistance and durability. In addition, the ripstop fabric prevents the cracks from spreading even if the fibers are woven in a lattice pattern and tears or fraying occur. The combination of material and weave structure makes the fabric even more resistant to tearing. In addition, the fabric has natural stretchability and elasticity using crimped yarn.