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A Hope Hemp

Thick Woven Sock Cotton/Hemp


Light Blue
Small 25-27cm
Large 27-29cm

A HOPE HEMP SOCKS was born in a small sock factory in Koryo-cho, Nara Prefecture, a sock town.

・It is carefully made by skilled craftsmen using old knitting machines, which are rare even in Japan.

・This old knitting machine can only make about 40 pairs a day.

- The fabric is moderately thick and has high cushioning properties, so your feet won't get tired even when walking for a long time.  
- A combination of highly absorbent cotton and hemp, which is highly wicking, antibacterial, and deodorizing.

These versatile socks can be worn all year round, regardless of the season.
Please enjoy the comfort that cannot be experienced with mass-produced products.


Men's Small 25cm ~ 27cm

Men's Large 27cm - 29cm 

Yellow / L.Blue / Green / Pink / Purple / 5 colors in total

Material: 70% cotton, 25% hemp, 5% acrylic

Product number: SHSX-007PS

Product name: Slub Nep plain pastel

Country of origin: Japan