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Barebones Living

Timber Saw Walnut Handle


The Timber Saw provides a quick, clean approach ideal for cutting smaller pieces of wood at a campsite, cutting off branches and deadwood, and pruning trees. While traditional hand saws rely on a pull-push motion, the simple curved blade and aggressive teeth of the Timber Saw require a push-strike motion. The result is a super effective, safe, and fast cut. Ergonomic and durable walnut handle fits smoothly in your hand for perfect, even pressure and pulling strokes.

Included 900D polyester sheath weathers real-world use while protecting the blade from dulling. Stainless steel belt clip supports easy carrying and accessibility, while the strong handle strap restricts the blade from slipping or moving. Accented with full-grain leather and copper to complement the rest of the Woodsman Collection.


Items Included:
1 Timber Saw
1 Sheath

Stainless steel
900D Polyester

15.75" x 1.25" x 3.5"
1.0 lbs